Sedona House Virtual Tour

These pages show John and Jane Spencer's house in Sedona, and its surroundings, as it was on the afternoon of December 13th 2003, a couple of weeks before we sold the property (and after we had fixed up everything), and a month before we moved to Boulder.  The tour contains about 500 images from about 60 locations- each image is available in three different resolutions.  Click on any image below to enter the tour.

On Sunrise Ave., outside the house

At the top of the steps

Garden NW of the house

Master bedroom

Living room


Navigation Hints

To navigate, click on the left, right, or center portions of the image itself, not on the text above the image. If you can't move forward, look to the right or left (or behind you) and you might find a way. The page heading tells you where you are, not what you are looking at.