John and Jane's Sabbatical: Some Pictures

We've had trouble getting access to a scanner so we don't have many pictures to show, but these will give a taste of our lives here. Thanks to Dave Rothery for arranging for the scanning of these pictures.

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

Jane outside Cartmel village store, a couple of miles from Grange, which speciali[z|s]es in our newfound favo[u]rite dessert. On the left is part of a new, non-traditional, phone box.

John celebrating his birthday with tea and cake in our dining room at 1, Yewbarrow Terrace. Out the windows can be seen the ornamental gardens and duck pond, with the railway station beyond (right), and proof that not everything in Grange dates from Edwardian times: the local petrol station (left).

Grange from Humphrey Head, just down the coast. Grange is largely hidden behind the slopes and trees in the middle distance on the left, but this picture gives some idea of its setting.

Slightly further afield, in the Lake District: the valley of Easdale, looking towards Grasmere. Photographed by Jane near the start of a walk around Easdale in late February. The stream in the foreground is called Sour Milk Gill, and the orange-brown stuff on the hillsides is last year's bracken- a large fern that covers many of the lower hillsides in the Lake District.

This view is roughly the opposite of the previous one, taken by Jane on another walk, in late January, from a point on Nab Scar, near the skyline in the right center of the photo above. The view shows the lakes of Rydal water (lower left) and Grasmere (center), where the poet Wordsworth used to hang out.

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