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One of our favourite wildflowers- a mariposa lily. Photographed on
Anderson Mesa, near Flagstaff, while uprooting invasive weeds in the
hopes of protecting such beautiful things. The wind was bobbing the
flower around, but the direct sunlight on the white flower (helped by
the accidental ISO 200 setting) allowed a short enough exposure and narrow
enough aperture to produce a sharp picture.

9:45am, June 8th 2003
1/1052 sec, f9.9, ISO 200, focal length 16.0 mm
Cropped, brightened, resampled.


Sunset at St. Louis airport. A lucky shot through the window of a
moving plane, with no time to adjust the camera.

7:55pm CDT, June 6th 2003
1/248 sec, f4.5, focal length 13.1 mm
Rotated, cropped, subsampled