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Jon Lunine, leader of the Satellite Working Group for NASA's Cassini
Saturn orbiter mission, at a workshop at the University of Arizona,
held to discuss the results of Cassini's flyby of Saturn's moon
Phoebe ten days earlier. We are planning a press conference to
present the science results from the Phoebe flyby. I take a lot of
pictures at these types of meetings, mostly as a way of taking notes
but also because I think they may have historical value someday.
Usually the Powerpoint slides come out sharp but the people are
blurry, but I got lucky this time. Corel Photo-Paint's "sample/target
balance" function made it easy to correct the greenish color of the
digital projector lamp, by requiring the white background of the
projected image to actually be white.

3:08pm MST, June 21st 2004
1/27th sec, f3.0, focal length 11.5mm
Cropped, resampled, color adjusted.


Melting ice in Chasm Lake, below Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National
Park. There is ice both on the lake surface and, strangely, frozen to
the bottom of the lake. The picture reminds me of M. C. Escher's
"Three Worlds" drawing.

2:56pm MDT, June 6th 2004
1/1164 sec, f7.5, focal length 8.2mm
Resampled, brightened