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Looking up the Jasper Creek valley on the Devil's Thumb trail, Indian
Peaks Wilderness. I took the left frame around 10:30 am on June 23rd
2002, when the valley was full of wildflowers. Returning on October
26th, around 2:30 pm, with the flowers gone and fresh snow on the
Continental Divide, I tried to reproduce the picture. I had to choose
the viewpoint from memory, however, not having a copy of the first
picture with me. I tried a couple of spots and got lucky on the
second one- it looks like I was just a few feet further back from the
foreground boulders. A popular book hereabouts, "Colorado 1870-2000",
by John Fielder, documents the results of a similar process, but with
a 100-year rather than a 4-month time interval.