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The Flatirons from home on a very cold (~0 F) moonlit evening- the low
temperatures are responsible for the vapor plumes from the buildings
across the field. A lot of cheating was needed to make this picture-
I took several images and none were perfect, so in the end I combined
a couple. The main image was marred by a smudge on the window I was
photographing through (too cold for actual outdoor photography!),
which made an unacceptable flare around the bright light near the
center of the image. So I covered the flare with a cleaned-up part of
another image, taken nearly an hour later. But I think the final
result is worth it. The Canon Pro 1 seems to do better with ISO 100
than ISO 50 for long exposures for some reason- the slower "film"
speed produces numerous black spots where hot pixels have presumably
been removed.

6:56pm, December 23rd 2004
15 seconds, f3.2, ISO 100, focal length 15 mm
Cropped, subsampled, patched, selective noise removal.