Stellar occultation watch lists and links


Triton watchlist 2004-2007. Download pdf .

MIT occultation group's predictions


Pluto watchlist 2010. Local files . Predictions for this watch list are from Bruno Sicardy README FIRST
List of possible events by Pluto, 2010 and Jim Elliot PC20100704 (2010 July 4).

Pluto watchlist 2004-2007. Download pdf .

Pluto watchlist 2008-2010 . From Bruno Sicardy, Dec 14: "We are working on the prediction of a Pluton occn involving a relatively bright star, R~11, K=6.5 (!). This is on Feb. 14, 2010, Wolfgang Beisker put a page on the IOTA site: This is a difficult observation, however, as the event is low in the morning twilight (10-15 deg in Europe).

Charon watchlist 2008-2010 . Nix watchlist 2008-2010 . Hydra watchlist 2008-2010 .

MIT occultation group's predictions , Bruno Sicardy's home page, with predictions


From Jim Elliot's page Varuna.20100219 (2010 February 19)

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