Stellar occultations

Pluto, April 10, 2006


Date 				2006 Apr 10 5:57:38 UT
SNR per scale height 14"; 22" 	8;14 
SNR per 0.2 s			1.1;2.0 
ra J2000			17:46:06.8197 (102 mas) 
dec J2000			-15:46:10.332 (75 mas)
Miss distance (mas)		 75 S
Star magnitude: VR (FASTT); K	 16.57; 12.9
Sky plane velocity (km/s)	5.76
Event lead: Cathy Olkin
Coordinates from 2004 FASTT measurements
Ephemeris is Plu013.
On 2006, April 10 (UT), there is a predicted occultation by Pluto. The star is faint, but the event is very slow and is predicted to pass over major telescopes in South America, and so has the potential for tracking the changes in Pluto's atmosphere.


From Vizier and measurements taken at the Flagstaff Astrometric Scanning Transit Telescope (FASTT) in Flagstaff AZ by Ron Stone in 2005.

FASTT2004  P363             VR 16.57+/-0.10  (filter midway between V and R)

USNO-B1.0  0742-0464910     B1 16.81  
                            B2  17.57     
                            R1  14.73
                            R2  15.60
                            I 15.11

2MASS     17460688-1546100  J 13.740+/-0.027
                            H 13.078+/-0.031
                            K 12.906+/-0.038


catalog    id              RA J2000       Dec J2000     e_ra(") e_dec(")  
FASTT2004  P363            17:46:06.8197  -15:46:10.332 0.075   0.102     
USNO-B1.0  0742-0464910    17:46:06.83    -15:46:10.2   0.314   0.080     

This star is not in UCAC2, so the prediction time and miss distance at the MIT P363 page , prediction version P363-U2.0-1.0, are inaccurate and should be ignored until updated.


The event lead for this event is Cathy Olkin,

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