Jupiter's thermal structure and gravity-wave heating

Here are some pictures of interest to my collaborators.

October 28 1996. Sensitivity of the waves to changes in the mean thermal profile.

December 12 1996. Here are summary plots for the height-density file I recieved November 22, 1996. One each page are plots of temperature, temperature fluctuation (temperature - mean temperature), temperature gradient, pressure scale height, Brunt-Vaisala frequency, diffusion coefficient, conductive energy flux, conductive cooling rates (volumetric and per mass). The Brunt-Vaisala frequency plot says the units are seconds, but it should be inverse seconds.

500 K 600 K 700 K 800 K 900 K 1000 K 1100 K 1200 K 1300 K 1400 K 1500 K

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