The Early Dynamical Evolution of the Outer Solar System:

Hal Levison

Southwest Research Institute
Boulder CO, USA

I am going to try to convince you that:
  1. The 4 giant planets formed within 15AU or 20AU of the Sun.
  2. Beyond them was a massive disk that extended to ~30AU.
  3. The 4 giant planets slowly spread due to leakage from this disk.
  4. Jupiter and Saturn crossed the 1:2 mean motion resonance at 700Myr
    • Uranus and Neptune went unstable and scattered into the disk.
    • Thereby produced the lunar Late Heavy Bombardment and Trojan asteroids.
  5. Uranus and Neptune evolve onto current orbits due to interactions with the disk.
    • This pushes out the Kuiper belt.
And everyone lived happy ever after.
A Fairy Tale
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