Little River Springs near Branford, Florida. One of my favorite cave diving sites.

Russ Poole getting geared up.

Getting ready for a dive can wear you out. Dirk Terrell with a look implying the photographer had better cease taking pictures.

A double stage dive at Blue Springs near Madison, Florida.

You can never have too much air!

Me doing my best Lloyd Bailey impression during a single tank cave dive at Peacock Springs.

I don't think a caption is necessary or even possible for this one...

One of the many sea turtles seen in Honaunau Bay on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Enjoying the warm, clear water in Honaunau Bay.

Me rappelling into a canal during a training session with the Pima County Search and Recovery Divers. We wear full face masks for voice communications and to protect ourselves from the rather nasty water we dive in at times.