Io Workshop 2013

Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Webmaster: Constantine Tsang

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Location: Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado

We warmly welcome talks for the 2013 Io Workshop to discuss the newest discoveries concerning Io. Topics include observations and modeling of surface geology and evolution, volcanic plumes and sources, the atmosphere and it’s surface coupling and plasma science.

This 1-Day workshop will have a special emphasis on the EUV Sprint-A/EXCEED mission, to be launched by JAXA in August 2013. We encourage talks and coordinated observations that will benefit from the EXCEED mission.

Please fill out the notification of intent form (right) if you are interested in giving a talk, poster or just want to attend.


Constantine Tsang (SwRI), John Spencer (SwRI),

Fran Bagenal (LASP, CU), Rosaly Lopes (JPL)

UPDATE: (10.21.2013) The International Outer Planet Watch for Coordinated Io observations can be found here:

UPDATE: (09.23.2013) Preliminary program is now online

UPDATE: (09.03.2013) Logistics has been updated with new travel and hotel information. A Program will be uploaded by the end of September