Public Outreach


Maia Weinstock (@20tauri) created Lego models of Alice Bowman, me, Leslie Young, and Kimberly Ennico.  Behind us are images of Pluto, mountains on Pluto and Pluto’s large moon Charon.


Me and My New Horizons friends in Lego

Talking about Pluto and New Horizons at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC.

Elementary School Groups:

Incorporate hands on activities as much as possible. On this day, we made a comet model using dry ice.  We made the comet early in the day, so the kids could watch it during the whole day and see how it evolved.

Give plenty of time for their questions. Don’t be surprised if they ask questions about things that you aren’t expecting.  For example, you might be talking about Pluto and they might ask about black holes.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’, if you don’t know the answer to a question.