Cathy Olkin


I am a planetary scientist with interests in icy outer solar system worlds.  I use near-infrared and infrared spectroscopy to study icy surfaces and stellar occultations to investigate tenuous atmospheres.  I am interested in spacecraft investigations of these worlds and am a member of the New Horizons team which will provide our first close-up look at Pluto.  Be sure to visit my links above to see places I have observed and training I am doing for research aboard commercial suborbital vehicles.


About Me

  1. New Horizons is the first NASA mission to explore Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.  The trip will take 9.5 years arriving in the summer of 2015.  Pictures of our family at the launch are here.

  2. Jimboree! a celebration to honor Jim Elliot

  3. Hiking some 14ers: Bierstat, Gray’s Peak, Long’s Peak.

  4. New Zealand occultation adventures

Other pages:

Teaching kids through Project ASTRO in California making a scale model of the Earth and Moon.

Teaching teachers through Project ASTRO in Colorado using a crating experiment.

Selected Community Activities: