Event reporting status for 98WW24 event on 2018-12-04 UT

There are still 18 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

Report here.

Kelowna, Summerland, Okanagan Falls, Oroville, Tonasket, Brewster, Entiat, Yakima, Madras/Culver, Redmond, La Pine/Gilchrist, North Lake, Tonopah, Lee Vining, Beatty, Mohave Valley, Lake Havasu City, and Parker

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Penticton Bruce Gowe Data collected Things went well. We took 3650 fits frames and have uploaded them to the shared google drive. Also uploaded are 3 avi files created from the fits frames. A casual viewing of the videos does not reveal an occultation.
Oliver Julie McTaggart Data collected Recorded from 10:37 - 11:04 UT. Not sure if we recorded the correct star field. Clear night.
Anarchist Mountain Observatory Peter & Debra Ceravolo Data collected Watched the star for the whole session, no occultation observed.
Okanogan Jeff Cheeseman Data collected It was about 14 degrees out. The computer was too cold to start. I had to warm it up by a heat first. The camera was acting funny too so I tried warming it up and it fixed the problem.
Manson/Chelan Russ Jones Data collected A cord wrap forced a shutdown and realignment at the last minute. Started recording a bit off the field but recognized the correction needed and moved onto target at 10:47
Wenatchee Mark Haugan Weathered out
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Data collected
Toppenish/White Swan Greg Van Doren Weathered out
George/Umatilla Tony George Attempted but no data Normally, I take your J2000 coordinates and input them into C2A to find the target star and generate my star chart that matches my telescope orientation. Also, I find my UCAC4 star charts are more representative of what I see in the video screen. My telescope alignment was very good, as my star gotos were spot on. Unfortunately, when I went to the location of the target star, the patterns did not match what I could see on screen. I tried numerous retrys, realigments, search patterns, etc. Nothing showed what I was expecting to see. I had not acquired the target star by event time and gave up with no data collected. One thing that threw me off too, you posted star field image is both rotated and flipped from a normal alt/az field. I can deal with a mirror image, but the rotation of 90 degrees threw me off even more.
Goldendale Sherelle Wanderscheid Did not attempt
The Dalles Bryan Dean Weathered out Low clouds obscuring the sky.
Maupin Jamie Sowell Weathered out Complete cloud cover both at football field and Juniper Flat (higher elevation). Not a starry starry night.
Sisters Rima Givot Data collected, no event seen Set up was smooth. We used 1 star align, using Betelgeuse (1st star in training set). Some frost build up, but we used the dew shield. We also covered the electronics with a light cloth to mitigate frost. The target star drifted about 1/4 of the way across the screen, but stayed visible the whole time.
Bend Anne-Marie Eklund Data collected We got on the field so easily! I think that the star chart was perfect! Everything went VERY WELL. We looked at the data with LiMovie and our preliminary analysis does not show any occultation.
Paisley Jeff Garland Other issues Hello,
Chiloquin Melissa Nankivell Attempted but no data I almost had it but the clouds rolled in and obscured my field
Klamath Falls James B Kochenderfer Attempted but no data Took too long to align, telescope glass got iced up, then some high clouds moved in.
Lakeview Danielle Elder Weathered out
Tulelake Jason Matkins Did not attempt Jeannie was in the hospital with blood clots and I couldn't get the equipment on short notice. Sorry!
Cedarville Terry Miller Did not attempt
Fall River/Burney Michael von Schalscha Attempted but no data
Susanville Dr Owen Bateson Weathered out clouded out three times in a row now------
Greenville Scott Abrams Did not attempt Per sign up form, unable to participate.
Gimple Bill Gimple Weathered out
Quincy Ron Logan Weathered out Clouded Out
Portola Michelle Callahan Weathered out Clouded out. Hope others had better luck!!
Reno Tim Stoffel Weathered out Sky solidly clouded out, did not attempt deployment.
Carson City James Bean Weathered out Severe winter weather conditions
Yerington Todd Hunt Weathered out 100% cloud coverage and snow.
Gardnerville Jerry Bardecker Weathered out Completely clouded out ... Not a star to be seen !!
Hawthorne Monica KEady Weathered out Two inches of snow fell, no clear sky available for observation.
Bishop Joe Slovacek Attempted but no data Recorded full duration but clouds obscured field for most of the night due to incoming storm.
Lone Pine laurel Weathered out
Indian Springs Stephen Bock Data collected Partly cloudy and able to complete alignment and star field acquisition. Clouds moved in during occultation window and star field came in and out of view during recording. Recorded sky field and dark field as well, but not sure if any useful data was captured due to clouds.
Henderson Brian Leslie Weathered out Entire sky was clouded over at set-up & never cleared.
Searchlight/Boulder City Charlene Wiesenborn Data collected Clear skies for viewing. Map and co-ordinates were excellent. Did not observe an occultation. There was a lot of up and down due to wind and a lack of a good wind break so target star moved.
CPSLO Diana Swanson Weathered out
Kingman/Dolan Springs Celeste Lucier Did not attempt
Laughlin/Bullhead City Jim Estes Data collected Clear sky, windy. Looked to be on correct field, but not quite sure. Did not see any evident occultation on suspected star. Set up in a different location somewhat south of normal. Equipment worked good for the full event. Hope other teams did well.
Wildwood Ihsan Turk Data collected We were able to obtain a light curve of the target star, as well as a reference star, and recorded a dip in the intensity of both around frame 3400, however the target star dimmed for longer, and far more drastically. The image of our graph can be found on the WISRD Twitter @WISRD.
Idyllwild Kaitlin Data collected Haze and clouds came in for a brief time near the end, but the rest of the time was nice and clear!
Blythe Dr. Nidhi R. Patel Data collected Everything went well. We were unable to visually determine the dimming of the target star. So, a detail analysis is required.
Calipatria Keitha McCandless Data collected Only had 2 students come for this observation, due to attempting to diagnose equipment issues. We were able to capture the event, but the video did not want to stop when using ESC. We are not sure yet if we saw an actual occultation, due to the fact that just as the recording started, our sprinklers turned on so we ran to keep them off the telescope.
Yuma Dorey Conway Data collected located star field and recorded event with clear skies.

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute