Event reporting status for Chiron event on 2017-08-15 UT

There are still 20 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

Report here.

Tonasket, Brewster, Entiat, Yakima, Maupin, Madras/Culver, Sisters, Redmond, La Pine/Gilchrist, Lakeview, Fall River/Burney, Reno, Tonopah, Lee Vining, Bishop, Beatty, Lone Pine, Lake Havasu City, Idyllwild, and Calipatria

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Oroville Ed Booker Did not attempt We had a scheduling conflict for our two trained team members. We are actively recruiting new members to prevent this from occurring in the future. Our apologies for missing the event.
Okanogan Jeff Cheeseman Attempted but no data Other team members weren't able to make the observation so it was just me. It took me a little longer to get set up and I couldn't verify the Star Field before the observation time.
Manson/Chelan Jared Mumley Data collected We had a really hard time finding the star field. It may have been a slight haze plus the sky lighting up here in the northern region but I can't be sure.
Wenatchee Todd Busse Data collected We think we were on the correct field. Some high clouds came in during the recording period.
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Data collected We had trouble aligning and had to start the recording as we were finding the field for the second time. I didn't manage our time well and should have a demerit put on my official RECON record.
Toppenish/White Swan Greg Van Doren Attempted but no data One keystroke! Forgot to push "p" to view camera on laptop. Could not complete alignment or find target star without any visual. Students had everything else done correctly. Next time...
Goldendale Sherelle Wanderscheid Data collected Goldendale recorded for the full observation window, but we could not find the star field. We continued to look for the field while we were recording, but were unsuccessful. We will send our data to you anyway.
The Dalles Bryan Dean Data collected, no event seen Recorded field for the entire time block. The target star was NOT visible at 8x, or even at 16x, so I adjusted to 32x. Even with that, it was very faint. Initial analysis do not show an obvious event. LiMovie data and initial light curve graphics are included in data being sent.
Bend Anne-Marie Eklund Attempted but no data When we started our set up, there was a light cloud cover over about 80% of the sky. Although we were able to get a good alignment with the telescope, conditions worsened, and we were unable to get on the star field. We could not even see Formalhaut. The only part of the sky that was clear was in the east, with Venus and Orion shining brightly. The moon was even hard to see at times. No data could be recorded.
North Lake Shelley Spurgeon Data collected
Paisley Jeff Garland Other issues I am new to recon. I have not been trained I equipment.
Chiloquin Tanner Glidden Data collected
Klamath Falls Jim Kochenderfer Data collected Hazy likely due to smoke. Needed to use 64X. Stars were dim but fairly sure we recorded the correct field.
Tulelake Jeannie Smith Data collected
Cedarville Terry Miller Data collected Sky was clear but hazy. Could not confirm star field. Turned the sense-up to 64X because we couldn't see a star pattern. Originally we thought that the camera wasn't connected, but realized that the stars were just really dim. We never dropped the sense-up back down, like maybe we should have. We did capture video for the full window. Just don't know if it will be useful.
Susanville Dr Owen Bateson Attempted but no data total failure of right ascension motor------:( :(
Greenville Scott Abrams Attempted but no data SkyAlign sent scope to incorrect field. 2nd attempt had technical glitch with camera which prevented recording of star field. Working on solving issue. Could have been that battery pack was not as charged up as I had thought. Testing components this weekend to isolate problem. I did record the glitch......
Gimple Bill Gimple Data collected, no event seen
Quincy Ron Logan Attempted but no data Connection difficulties getting power to camera.
Portola Michelle Callahan Did not attempt
Carson City James Bean Data collected good turn out of students. Sense up x32. Recorded the correct field
Yerington Todd Hunt Data collected Interesting recording. Picked up a shooting star and we believe a satelite. We had to use a much higher sense up to see the star field to see through the hazy conditions but everything went fine. We got the full recording.
Hawthorne Monica Keady Other issues Marc sent me the camera but I believe it is still in receiving at the district. They are short handed at the moment. We will complete a practice campaign with Marc on 09/09/17 when he visits.
Indian Springs John Heller Weathered out 100% overcast.
Henderson Brian Leslie Weathered out Complete cloud cover.
Searchlight/Boulder City Charlene Wiesenborn Weathered out Set-up with no stars to align, hoping clouds would break up. Took down about 4:00 am when there were no stars to align with. Some clearing about 4:15, but sky view was still clouded, and not enough time to complete the alignments and get onto the field of view.
CPSLO Diana Swanson Weathered out Drove up to Santa margarita but still complete cloud cover
Kingman/Dolan Springs Celeste Lucier Did not attempt
Laughlin/Bullhead City Jim Estes Weathered out Sky conditions would not permit the alignment of the telescope. The sky was just too cloudy.
Mohave Valley Jared White Weathered out Sky was too cloudy to align the telescope. Hoping for better conditions for the next event.
Parker Sherry Rennau Data collected We are confident we got the right field, but not 100% certain. The cloudiness cleared as we proceeded through the alignment and star set.
Blythe Adolfo Partida Attempted but no data We could not record the event due to technical issues. The power supply died shortly before the event. We believe it to be a faulty piece of equipment.
Yuma Kile Thomas Data collected clear skies, windy

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute