Event reporting status for (523743) 2014TA86 event on 2018-10-12 UT

There are still 19 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

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Oroville, Tonasket, Brewster, Manson/Chelan, Entiat, Yakima, Madras/Culver, Redmond, La Pine/Gilchrist, North Lake, Paisley, Lakeview, Tulelake, Quincy, Tonopah, Lee Vining, Beatty, Lone Pine, and Mohave Valley

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Kelowna Terry Bridges Data collected The skies only cleared a few minutes before the event, so we frantically rushed to calibrate the telescope, and to setup the camera. We did get onto the field about a minute before the event. However, our QHY camera did not have a GPS lock, so we do not have timestamping in the frames. Also, we recorded in TIFF not FITS formats (we had selected FITS, but somehow this changed). A quick flip through the ~1000 or so frames shows that we had the target star for the entire observation, but it does not appear that we observed an occultation. I'd also like to say that this was the first event for the full CanCON network, and there were also groups in Osoyoos, Penticton, Oliver, and Summerland who will be reporting separately (these groups are a mix of teachers/students, and RASC members). Also in Kelowna with me were Mike Richardson (physics teacher at Rutland Secondary School), and Jim Failes from the Okanagan RASC group. I was really proud of our first effort, despite the poor conditions. Next time!
Summerland Dave Gamble Data collected 20 minutes of video were obtained in Summerland, but not without problems:
Penticton Bruce Gowe Data collected The weather was a big challenge. We had light rain and full cloud cover until around 30 minutes to go. This made synchronizing the telescope and getting on target before our start time of 10:25:00 UT a huge challenge. Persistent thin high cloud also meant that longer that desired exposures (1s) and uncertainty in position were a problem through the observation. Due to the time pressures, we started capturing at 10:30:05 UT before we had settled on our best guess at the target location. Clouds were just thinning out and we needed to start capture with exposures of 5s. After the first 20 frames the clouds thinned and the exposures were changed on the fly to 1s. It appears we did have the target star in frame for the entire recording window. Star brightness dims and disappears several times but further analysis will be necessary to determine if this is an occultation or just attenuation due to clouds. Everyone had a great time and are committed to future campaigns!
Okanagan Falls Alan Whitman Weathered out Clear at times overnight, but overcast 1.5 hours before event time with a band of showers moving through on weather radar. One star, Vega, became visible through cloud 18 minutes before event time. A few northern sky constellations visible in holes at event time. No observation made.
Oliver SOSS co/Sabra McIntyre Attempted but no data Trouble aligning telescope and then star jumping due to cloud cover, but eventually got it. However, we were unable to find the star field in time for the event and therefore didn't get any data.
Anarchist Mountain Observatory Peter and Debra Ceravolo Data collected DATE-OBS\t= '2018-10-12T10:34:48.3750731' / System Clock-Frame Grabbed - start
Okanogan Jeff Cheeseman Data collected I was a couple minutes late starting the recording but was on field and recorded most of it. Had some spotty clouds when I first set up but then had great skies.
Wenatchee Mark Haugan Attempted but no data
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Data collected We had some alignment issues so our field drifted some. It never left the field of view or even got close to the edge.
Toppenish/White Swan Greg Van Doren Attempted but no data Embarrassed. Thought I had plenty of time to set up. Had flat tire on way to school, took longer to load/unload equipment in field, working alone. School district changed student transportation rules without informing teachers until too late to make alternate arrangements, so could not pick up students. Tripped over wires connected to cigarette lighter in vehicle, because did not get power pack repaired in time. Power to telescope kept going on/off. Gave up in frustration and defeat. Night vision isn't what it used to be.
George/Umatilla Tony George Weathered out Clouds.
Goldendale Sherelle Wanderscheid Data collected
The Dalles Bryan Dean Data collected very bummed. Telescope would not align X5, finally started recording while attempting alignment. Eventually got scope to align and did precise goto. On first guide star, there was nothing, so selected second star. Centered that one, and the scope slewed to a straight up/down position - even inverted a bit, certainly not the ~57° star altitude listed on the event page. Telescope was pointing just below (S) of Cassiopeia. According to Guide and Stellarium, the field should have been to the west of Orion. Could not recognize the star field, and the telescope was not tracking... stars were shifting through the view fairly quickly. Recorded until the designated stop time, then shut off the scope for the star field view. I think the stars moved slower with the scope shut off. At some point late in the two minute star field recording, the video screen went blank - grey. No stars, not even hot pixels. I tried to restart virtual dub, reconnect usb cables, etc. Could not get video back, so did not do a dark field video at all. I plan to check out the system, especially the camera to computer cable at another time, preferably with some light. Was unable to practice the field because of clouds and rain the past few days. Will attempt to find this field again if I can get the video to work.
Maupin Jamie Sowell Data collected Standard observation
Sisters Rima Givot Data collected, no event seen Had a telescope malfunction just on the last star of the training set and had to restart the telescope and redo alignment right before recording window. Were able to get to starfield just in time. Students worked well in the cold. Ran a lightcurve analysis, and there is no apparent occultation.
Bend Anne-Marie Eklund Data collected Although we haven’t analyzed a light curve yet, it was a successful night of recording, under clear skies. All equipment worked flawlessly.
Chiloquin Jason Matkins Data collected Had camera issues at the beginning. It was fuzzy with lines on on the screen and sometime would gray the screen out. The issue corrected itself through the recording. Due to this we were about a minute late in the recording. Not sure if we got the right field, we had a hard time seeing. Data will be following!
Klamath Falls Jim Kochenderfer Data collected 36 degrees-horrible dew. Target star seemed to flicker most of the time. I think it was because of the moisture.
Cedarville David Schulz Data collected There was some trouble with the camera seeming to lose its output signal while the timer output was still visible in the capture window. We also had to replace a fuse. Otherwise, it was a beautiful, clear night, and the star field on the computer screen looked great.
Fall River/Burney Michael von Schalscha Data collected
Susanville Dr Owen Bateson Did not attempt
Greenville Scott Abrams Did not attempt In Georgia. Son battling Stage 4 cancer. Need another practice session or 2 for newer volunteers so they can solo.
Gimple Bill Gimple Data collected, no event seen Limovie analysis of the 19 minute video confirmed a miss.
Portola Michelle Callahan Did not attempt
Reno Tim Stoffel Data collected Although we started recording a couple minutes late, the rest of the attempt went about as flawless as these observations get. As expected, no occultation observed in recording. But some fluctuations in the brightness of the target star were observed 20-30 seconds before the expected occultation time.I am not 100% sure these were real, but I did see something about the same time on three different viewings. In any case, we did learn to begin setup a few minutes earlier!
Carson City James Bean Data collected Students showed up ... will run LiMovie later today
Yerington Todd Hunt Data collected
Gardnerville Jerry Bardecker Data collected Perfect conditions. Full time windows recorded with 12"SCT, f/3.3 FR and WAT910HX at 4X. LiMovie analysis completed .... no event evident.
Hawthorne Monica Keady Did not attempt Baby sitter did not show. Had to try from the backyard. We had obstructions we could not stand clear of to get on the last few of the training set and our star.
Bishop Joe Slovacek Did not attempt Matt and I were both out of town for this event.
Indian Springs Stephen Boxk Data collected Had a pristine night but clouds formed over the star field during observation window. No visual occultation observed.
Henderson Brian G. Leslie Did not attempt Henderson was unable to participate due to work commitments (not eligible for substitute service) and did not sign up for event.
Searchlight/Boulder City Charlene Wiesenborn Weathered out Tried both Searchlight and Boulder City, but sky conditions were total blanket of black clouds.
CPSLO Diana Swanson Data collected Recorded the entire window. It was a little windy so focus wasn't great. Analyzing with LiMovie currently.
Kingman/Dolan Springs Celeste Lucier Weathered out
Laughlin/Bullhead City Jim Estes Data collected It cleared up in Laughlin, had trouble aligning scope. Looked to be on the star field, but started recording late approximately 3 minutes late. Recorded the rest of the event. Don't know if we got a shadow, will run limovie later tonight. We had two college students, former Laughlin High School graduates and one high school student attend. It was great to have help.
Lake Havasu City Stefani Chase Did not attempt Havasu was in fall break, and we were all out of town. Sorry we missed out!
Parker Robert Reaves Weathered out 80-90% cloud cover with small moving sky view holes. Set-up waiting for a hole to the Event field, no such luck. Equipment was working OK.
Wildwood Joe Wise Data collected No occultation observed in analysis of data.
Idyllwild Kaitlin Data collected It was super windy during setup and the recording window so I had the Sense-up bumped up to x24 instead of the suggested x16.
Blythe Dr. Patel Weathered out Due to cloudy weather, the event was cancelled.
Calipatria Keitha McCandless Data collected We are not sure we were on the correct field, but did our best. We have discovered that we think it is our hand Paddle that is having issues.
Yuma Dorey Conway Weathered out At set-up time, 90% cloud cover, but with a break to see Orion and Aldebaran. We set-up, connecting all equipment, ready to go.

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute