Event reporting status for 14YJ50 event on 2019-02-10 UT

There are still 19 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

Report here.

Kelowna, Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Oroville, Brewster, Entiat, Madras/Culver, Redmond, La Pine/Gilchrist, North Lake, Lakeview, Greenville, Tonopah, Lee Vining, Beatty, Lone Pine, Henderson, Mohave Valley, and Lake Havasu City

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Summerland Dave Gamble Attempted but no data The location of my observatory in Summerland, B.C. appears to be in error on the map showing the stations as well as in the predicted event times. Probably a wrong latitude input.
Oliver Sabra McIntyre Attempted but no data We had technical difficulties in the snow and cold and were not able to get everything working properly in time.
Anarchist Mountain Observatory Debra and Peter Ceravolo Data collected Recorded 1s fits images from 3:53 to 4:20. Created AVI and examined star visually, no ocultation was observed.
Tonasket Emily Bjelland Weathered out
Okanogan Jeff Cheeseman Weathered out Too cloudy
Manson/Chelan Russ Jones Weathered out
Wenatchee Mark Haugan Attempted but no data
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Weathered out
Yakima Matt Meyer Attempted but no data Showed up to document attempt. Snowing with high winds. Chose to go home and not be in the bad weather anymore than we needed to be. Did not setup telescope for any data recordings.
Toppenish/White Swan Greg Van Doren Weathered out Blizzard conditions
Goldendale Sandra Goble Weathered out Snow falling, making viewing impossible.
The Dalles Bryan Dean Weathered out Overcast and snowing hard.
Maupin Jamie Sowell Weathered out Snow was coming down in a serious way.
Sisters Rima Givot Weathered out Snowing in Sisters.
Bend Lara Matheny Weathered out It was dumping snow so we decided to cancel the event.
Paisley Jeff Garland Other issues Telescope is malfunctioning
Chiloquin Melissa Nankivell Weathered out Snowstorm in progress at the time
Klamath Falls Seth Anthony Weathered out Snowy and overcast.
Tulelake Jeannie Smith Weathered out
Cedarville Terry Miller Weathered out Blizzard conditions. Didn’t even set up.
Fall River/Burney Michael von Schalscha Weathered out Blizzard like von.
Gimple Bill Gimple Weathered out Snow.
Quincy Ron Logan Weathered out
Portola Shelley Callahan Weathered out
Reno Tim Stoffel Weathered out Weather forecast was so bad, we decided not even to mobilize....the day before! We had white-out conditions during the entire time we would have been setting up and recording.
Carson City James Bean Weathered out Show storm in Carson Ciy, NV
Yerington Todd Hunt Other issues We are trying to secure the proper cables to perform the steps necessary to fix our Bootloader error.
Gardnerville Jerry Bardecker Weathered out Blizzard conditions in Gardnerville and surrounding area. Snow and wind gusts to 30 mph.
Hawthorne Monica Keady Did not attempt I was unable to attempt the field due to lack of a babysitter. I am trying to get help from other community members as I am unable to commit to future campaigns. Kathy Trujillo has signed up for travel to the meeting this spring and I hope to have help with the scope from her.
Bishop Joe Slovacek Attempted but no data Too cloudy.
Indian Springs Stephen Bock Data collected Recorded field, but strong winds were shaking the telescope.
Searchlight/Boulder City Charlene Wiesenborn Data collected Observation was done in Searchlight. It was clear sky and a beautiful night. The cables on the system leading into the IOTA box needs replacement as they continued to flicker in and out. However during recording of the event I was able to capture the entire event, but it was questionable as the beginning as it took a long time to twist and move the cables to acquire the image on the computer. Looking forward to the meeting in Boulder City to get this figured out. I did not get a light curve generated as I had to leave town early that morning, however the initial recording was sent.
CPSLO Audrey Profeta Data collected
Kingman/Dolan Springs Celeste Lucier Data collected
Laughlin/Bullhead City Jim Estes Data collected Couldn't make a positive identification of the star field. Clear skies. Did not record the Dark Field video. Thought I did, but didn't check to see if the recording started.
Parker Robert Reaves Data collected, no event seen
Wildwood Joe Wise Other issues The IOTA streamed the data for location and time but did not recognize the camera via the LED for camera or in overlaying camera video on screen.
Idyllwild Kaitlin Data collected We had to up the sense up but we got the whole thing! woohoo!
Blythe Dr. Nidhi R. Patel Data collected
Calipatria Keitha McCandless Data collected
Yuma Dorey Conway Data collected clear skies, recorded star field, all equipment worked well

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute