Event reporting status for (96) Aegle event on 2017-04-14 UT

There are still 8 sites that need to file reports for the campaign.

Report here.

Brewster, La Pine/Gilchrist, Paisley, Carson City, Lee Vining, Beatty, Lone Pine, and Calipatria

All the sites in this table have filed reports.

Oroville Ed Booker * Data collected We were on-time, on targeted field, and recorded data. We did not experience any difficulties, but the sky conditions were not great. We did have some clouds.
Tonasket Emily Bjelland * Attempted but no data Tonasket faced some human errors. Unfortunately we were not able to capture data. Despite the challenges we are happy to finally see clear skies over Tonasket.
Okanogan Jeff Cheeseman Data collected
Manson/Chelan Jeremy Anhalt Attempted but no data Beautiful night. Unfortunately, lots of small issues that dragged out for a while. Not sure we recorded the correct start field, and we were 10 minutes late. Recorded a few minutes anyway and will upload.
Entiat dan durr Other issues we ran into difficulties setting up the equipment. we eventually solved the problems but not until well after the event window.
Wenatchee Mark Haugan Weathered out
Ellensburg Bruce Palmquist Data collected Cords magically start working when Jeff Hashimoto touches them.
Yakima S. Ledbeter Did not attempt
Toppenish/White Swan Greg Van Doren Did not attempt Family funeral precluded observation
Goldendale Sherelle Wanderscheid Data collected All went well.
The Dalles Bryan Dean Data collected The clouds finally relented to the west about 1930, although some hung along the horizon and kept me worried, but they stayed put.
Maupin Jamie Sowell Data collected It was cloudy right up to the recording window. We were able to star align and go-to RA/Dec. We had only a few minutes to verify field and we were not sure it was correct.
Madras/Culver Scott Coles Attempted but no data The clouds started to break up about half an hour before the event. During our attempt to get the field, the hand paddle re-set three times and I wasn't able to get the star field. It would have been quite questionable with the cloud cover. My duct tape-fix isn't satisfactory for keeping power to the scope and paddle --- it stops in the middle of moving from one object to the next and then re-sets and tells me the CPU is ready. Very frustrating!
Sisters Jim Hammond Attempted but no data Skies were partly to mostly cloudy throughout the evening. cClouds parted enough to align the telescope, but obscured more of the sky when it became time to locate the star field. We confirmed that we were on the star field by examining the video and seeing the correct star field during the last 5 or 10 seconds. A longer video was recorded because the clouds obscured the star field at the beginning and it was hoped that a longer recording would permit a confirmation of us having the correct star field. Total duration of event video is ~6 minutes. Data have been uploaded to RECON.
Redmond Bryce Withers Attempted but no data
Bend Ron Weathered out Sky's were not clear. No breaks were in sight. No attempt was made. Team is trying not to get disappointed, especially when it comes to things that are out of our control. Looking forward to our next attempt.
North Lake Shelley Spurgeon Weathered out Awful weather and sky conditions. Hail storm, clouds, incredibly windy.
Chiloquin Tanner Weathered out
Klamath Falls Jim Kochenderfer Weathered out Overcast all evening. I have discovered that the best way to end the drought is schedule an occultation.
Lakeview Suzi Steward Attempted but no data Used laptop to control Telescope remotely.
Tulelake Jason Matkins Weathered out Totally clouded out!
Cedarville Terry Miller Weathered out Completely overcast with light snow from 8:00 p.m. (local) through the night. At 10:00 p.m., we decided to not even set up.
Fall River/Burney Michael von Schalscha Weathered out Another night with bad weather!
Susanville Dr Owen Bateson Weathered out Clouds and snow showers all evening--------of course its clear as a bell this morning!!!
Greenville Scott Abrams Weathered out 100% Cloud cover with rain and occasional snow showers.
Gimple Bill Gimple Weathered out Clouded out.
Quincy Charley Arrowsmith Weathered out Clouds, rain, some sleet, then fog. "Participants" coordinated by phone & text messages and did not go to the site or attempt to set up any equipment.
Portola Michelle Callahan Did not attempt Was out of town
Reno Dan Ruby Weathered out
Yerington Todd Hunt Data collected Recorded the correct field but a cloud passed over right in the middle of the time frame.
Hawthorne Monica Keady Attempted but no data local time on the hand paddle was incorrect at start up even after GPS acquired. Correct local time eventually showed on paddle after switching back and forth from the align button and the back button. three star align successful. Successful tracking of jupiter prior to event. Successful acquisition of first two stars of training set. on third star, scope started slewing slow and slewed VERY far off field. Plugged power source into wall, unable to realign. While breaking down, the camera was unplugged from power source and scope started to slew faster, but was still unable to align using jupiter solar system alignment. We are now almost certain the issue is the power source. It may be that the power source has a bad battery. However I did not have the correct power plug for the power source when i returned from Kingman, so I have been using an extension cord. That could also be the problem; that we are not getting a decent charge through my cord even though the power supply is plugged into the wall for weeks prior to the event.
Tonopah Teralyn Blackburn Other issues Although we had mostly clear skies.
Bishop Matt Wilson Did not attempt Due to a back injury, I was not able to set up the telescope for this event. I apologize. Joe Slovacek had to teach a class this evening as well.
Indian Springs Stephen Bock Other issues 30-40 mph winds with the occasional 50 mph gust. Dirt and sand were whipping around the observation area constantly. Did not risk damaging the scope via setting up. No data captured.
Henderson Brian Leslie Attempted but no data 30+ mph winds. Tried setting up, but wind was too much. Immediately broke gear back down.
Searchlight/Boulder City Charlene Wiesenborn Data collected It was gusting winds from 25-30 mph. Was able to protect telescope for most of the observation, but winds picked up during and caused shaking of the scope off and on. Upon reviewing the video, for some reason the tapes unexpectedly pauses at a point and then continues. It appears to be a continuous recording, it just pauses upon play back. Couldn't observe any thing during this review and shaking causing to much difficulty trying to do a light curve. Hope you can make something of it.
CPSLO John Keller Data collected, no event seen Limovie lightcurve shows no occultation. Scatter in data signal is slightly lower in middle section of video.
Kingman/Dolan Springs Celeste Lucier Attempted but no data I am very embarrassed to say that this attempt failure was my fault. I did not have the computer charged up adequately.
Laughlin/Bullhead City Jim Estes Attempted but no data We were set up and ready to record, but one half hour before event recording we started having video issues. Quickly shut down everything and realigned scope thinking this would help. Got back on star field, I believe, and the video would come in and out sometimes showing the star field and then fade out. With about two minutes before record time, the field showed up and just like that was gone. We did record the correct time and length but had no stars showing on the laptop screen. We also checked the video connections and moved wires to see if there was an issue with the cables. The sky was clear and just a perfect night to collect data. However, this was not to happen tonight....frustrating. This was the first time experiencing video issues. Also, our recording was from Williams, AZ rather than Laughlin/Bullhead area this event.
Mohave Valley Jared White Data collected Successful event. Can't wait for the next event.
Lake Havasu City Stefani Chase Data collected Originally found the right field, but then when we readjusted right before event, what we saw didn't look like the correct field anymore. We hope it was the right field!
Parker Robert Reaves Attempted but no data RECON Acer computer did not function. We were not able to download driver for another laptop to recognize the IOTA output.
Idyllwild Kaitlin Data collected I hope we got the right one... star fields are hard...
Blythe Paula Garcia Other issues Our scope guy, David Barrows, had a medical emergency. He was bitten by some bug in the desert the day before, and ended up in the emergency room with welts all over his arms and legs. He got so bad he was going to go to Loma Linda Hospital.
Yuma Kile Data collected

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute