Description of Source Data For Pluto Web Page.

Brief description of the sources for data compiled in this web page:

Planets Beyond: Disovering The Outer Solar System.

by Mark Littman. John Wiley & Sons, 1988. The discovery Pluto, pgs. 71-88. General information about Pluto, pgs. 170-194.

A description about the information discovered regarding Pluto since it's
discovery in 1930.  Included are information about the continuing debate over
Pluto's correct size, mass, and physical composition as well as:  

*** The 1978 discovery of Pluto's moon, Charon is covered in detail regarding
techniques used in it's discovery.

*** The difference in surface composition between Pluto & Charon is covered.  
As well as an account of the theory of Pluto's changing astmosphere.

*** Models of the surface of Pluto based on light variation maps.

*** The possible origins of Pluto as a planet.

Pluto, Scientific American, June 1990

By Richard P. Binzel. Pgs. 50-58. Article discusses the atmospheric conditions on Pluto, as well as of Charon. Also, further information on the discovery of Charon as well as spectro-analysis of the planet and it's moon.

Sky & Telescope Magazine, issue:

6/85, pgs. 501-502

The discovery of Charon, information on the occultation of Pluto & Charon, determining minimum diameters and masses.

9/87, pgs. 248-251

An article on the discussion over the mass and size of Pluto. Light curve data is explained in the debate over the Methane Mist atmosphere theory.

12/88, pgs. 600-601, 624-627

Article discussing the discovery of Pluto's atmosphere. Data on the rocky composition of Pluto.

10/89, pgs. 346-348

More on Pluto's atmosphere, composition, and density, as well as some information on Pluto at it's perehelion.

10/91, pg. 340

Discussion of Pluto's extremely irregular orbital pattern, some information on Charon's orbit as well as some discussion over the existance of a "Planet X."

1/93, pg. 9

Describes use of the Hubble to photograph Pluto & Charon in August of 91; recieved data more accurately determining their positions and masses.

12/93, pg. 10

Pluto`s surface discovered to be primarily frozen nitrogen, not methane as previously thought.

5/94, pgs. 14-15

An analysis of strange deviations in Pluto's orbit, as well as a calculation of Pluto's mass,which proved the Hubble wrong.

11/94, pg. 14

New analysis utilizing the Hubble, including light-surface maps of Pluto & Charon.