Astrometric followup status

The next table lists those objects recently discovered that are in need of a confirming night of observation. For details and instructions, read our conditions for collaboration.

In this table, each object is listed with its discovery date. This is the only time the objects were observed. From this, you can tell something about how long its been since they were seen and thus how difficult it may be to find again. There are currently 1 objects that are in need of recovery that are not yet lost. Objects are considered lost if they have not been seen in 6 months, or if their solar elongation is smaller than 60 degrees, or if their ephemeris uncertainty is 10000 arcsec or worse.

Lowell ID Discovered a e i Hv r d R Sel pErr Assigned followup
MA45217 2006/04/26 76.3 0.034 24.5 4.44 73.7 74.6 23.6 17 9403 (3)lost

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Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute