Random Bits

Here are some random things that have either inspired me in the past or strike some sympathetic nerve. These bits can be just about anything, images, drawings, even poetry. Enjoy!
The dedication from Paul Helfenstein's PhD dissertation. This poem captures the essence of my childhood dreams and why I ended up being an astronomer. Now my dream is that someday even people with poor eyesight will be allowed into space though I suspect that won't be me.

I encountered this poem by Robert Frost as part of the Flagstaff Master Chorale's spring 1998 performance (I was a member that season). When we first read through the piece during rehearsal I found myself completely absorbed in the poem. The emotional element that grabs me the most is the feeling of what might have been without also having a sense of regret. In short, you can't do it all but as long as you do something interesting, enjoy!