Contents of Marc Buie's IDL library.

General purpose IDL functions and procedures.

For those of you accessing these routines from within Lowell Observatory, you get access by adding /gryll/data1/buie/idl (do NOT prepend a + to this directory) to your $IDL_PATH environment variable in your .userrc file. These routines are a collection of general purpose IDL functions and procedures covering diverse uses from file reading, astronomical data processing, and more. You must also have the Astronomy Users Library in your path to get full access. Here at Lowell, add +/gryll/data1/idl/Astron to your path (after my libraries) to gain access.

You can download your own copies of my routines from our anonymous ftp site. The documentation on these WWW pages is kept consistent with the current version of my software. There are older copies of my library which are a snapshot of the code at the time of major IDL releases.

I've also begun more extensive documentation on my ITOOL/CCDPHOT programs. Actually, I only end up adding to this when I get requests for clarifications on the program operation that aren't covered by what's written so far.