Changes to Buie IDL v8.0 Library

This is a reverse chronological list of changes to all library routines since the switch-over from the previous version of IDL.

looker: 2011/08/19, MWB, fixed a bug when dealing with multi-extension FITS files where there are 10 or more extensions.

msrcor: 2011/08/02, MWB, promoted all counters and pointers to long, this caused some odd problems when linking a lot of lists.

uniqueid: Written by Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute, 2011/07/19

ccdphot: 2011/07/05, MWB, fixed bug that prevented saving calibration information if it had been edited

goodpoly: 2011/04/29, MWB, added COEFFSIG keyword

photcal: 2011/04/25, MWB, added RETURN_ALL and BAD keywwords

ois: 2011/04/12, MWB, fixed a bug in stamp selection for a rare case when the brightest good stamp is too close to the edge of the image.

wfc3model: 2011/03/22, MWB, added IR camera support, added XSIZE/YSIZE keywords

hstpsf: 2011/03/22, MWB, added support for WFC3/IR

finder: 2011/03/21, MWB, fixed some of the control logic related to the marker tools and added a new "marker to center" tool.

astsn2xy: 2011/03/21, MWB, drastic improvement to starting guess. Works on anything now. Didn't work before if x,y was rotated by 45 degrees.

mysqldocedit: 2011/03/15, MWB, minor bug fix on one mysql command.

hstpsf: 2011/03/11, MWB, modified to support TinyTim 7.1. The new Z4 adjustment in v7.1 is not used by this program. Z4 is directly modified by this routine as was always done.

siftstar: 2011/03/08, MWB, incorporated into the master library, minor fix on the contents of the sr2 files.

findsrc: 2011/03/04, MWB, fix to make sure results structure exists no matter what but if no objects found nobj is the only tag.

astanal: 2011/02/21, MWB, enhancement to completely skip fitcoeff.dat entries where the files cannot be found.

siftstar: 2011/02/11, ERG, changed input to be complete filename string

siftstar: 2011/02/10, ERG, added numtoflist call

rescale: 2011/02/07, Written by Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute

astrom: 2011/01/28, MWB, added REFSAVE keyword

astrom: 2011/01/27, MWB, added photometric zero-point error to header output and fit results return

parsekey: 2011/01/25, MWB, added UNKNOWN keyword

showsrc: 2011/01/16, MWB, added UINT as valid image input type.

siftstar: 2011/01/13, Written by Erin R. George, Southwest Research Institute

axextend: 2011/01/07, Written by Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute

photiso: 2010/12/28 - Written by Marc W. Buie, Southwest Research Institute

hemr: Written by Leslie Young, SwRI, 2010/12/28, cloned from bidr2 where similar

basphote: 2010/12/20, MWB, minor tweak to prevent negative photon noise.

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