A large and faint photometric catalog on the Ecliptic.

M. W. Buie, D. E. Trilling, L. H. Wasserman, and R. A. Crudo.
ApJ Supp, 194, 40 (2011).


A photometric catalog, developed for the calibration of the Deep Ecliptic Survey, is presented. The catalog contains 213,272 unique sources that were measured in V and R filters and transformed to the Johnson-Cousins systems using the Landolt standard catalog. All of the sources lie within 6° of the ecliptic and cover all longitudes except for the densest stellar regions nearest the galactic center. Seventeen percent of the sources in the catalog are derived from three or more nights of observation. The catalog contains sources as faint as R ~19 but the largest fraction fall in the R ~15-16 (V ~16-17) mag range. All magnitude bins down to R = 19 have a significant fraction of objects with uncertainties <= 0.1 mag.

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