HST photometry of trans-Neptunian objects.

D. C. Stephens, K. S. Noll, W. M. Grundy, R. L. Millis, J. R. Spencer, M. W. Buie, S. C. Tegler, W. Romanishin, and D. P. Cruikshank. Earth, Moon, and Planets, 92, 251-260 (2003) .


From July 2001 to June 2002, an HST snapshot program obtained V, R and I photometry for 72 TNOs. The TNOs were sorted by dynamical class, and Spearman rank correlation statistics were calculated for each combination of color and orbital parameter. No strong correlations were found for the combined sample of TNOs, the resonant TNOs, or the non-resonant TNOs (classical). The results presented here suggest that if correlations reported by other authors are real, they are evident only at shorter wavelengths than observed in our survey.

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