Mapping the variegated surface of Pluto.

E. F. Young, K. Galdamez, M. W. Buie, R. P. Binzel, and D. J. Tholen. Astron. J. 117, 1063-1076 (1999) .


During the period from 1985 through 1990, Pluto and its satellite Charon underwent a series of transits, eclipses, and occultations, which are collectively called "mutual events." The albedo distribution of Pluto's sub-Charon hemisphere can be determined from these events with a spatial resolution that surpasses any current direct-imaging schemes. We use an iterative technique to determine a map of Pluto's sub-Charon hemisphere with resolutions down to 200 km in some areas. This map resolves a localized bright feature that may be due to condensation around a geyser or in a crater.

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