Circumstances for Pluto-Charon mutual events in 1988


D. J. Tholen, M. W. Buie, and C. E. Swift. Astron. J. 94, 1681-1685 (1987).


Physical parameters are tabulated for 89 Pluto-Charon mutual events occurring during the 1988 opposition. A primary star and a check star have been selected as comparison stars for events occurring prior to the 1988 opposition. Standardization of the comparison star 1987 Primary has provided a B magnitude of 12.3093 +/- 0.0013 and a V magnitude of 11.4215 +/- 0.0013. The designations, positions, and preliminary magnitudes and colors are also given for two transformation stars selected in order to aid in determination of the color terms necessary to convert the instrumental magnitudes of observers to the standard system.

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