31" Telescope Status

Telescope status System not active.
Weather status n/a
Targets for the night n/a
Status last updated 2008 Jun 09, 14:07 UT

GOTOCAM shows the current state of the telescope (dome open or closed) and if running shows the current target.

Anderson Mesa sky conditions (as seen from a camera looking to the north near the 31" telescope.

Weather forecast link at Flagstaff National Weather Service: Forecast discussion, Zone forecast (look for AZZ015, Western Mogollon Rim, first one).

Satellite loop: the most useful view is the 4 km thermal infrared loop (IR4).

University of Arizona Radar site shows how bad the precipitation is over the entire state of Arizona (click on Arizona animation). If this view shows precipitation in the area around Flagstaff or headed in that direction, the telescope will NOT open.

Check the Flagstaff Clear Sky Clock for a general idea of sky conditions over the next 48 hours.