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Upcoming SwRI Boulder Colloquia

Colloquia are normally on Tuesdays at 11:00 am in the 4th-floor conference room, except as indicated below in bold text.
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For questions or suggestions for speakers, please contact the SwRI colloquium organizers:
Tim Bowling, tbowling(at)
Simon Porter, 303-226-0868 or porter(at), or
Julien Salmon, 720-208-7203 or julien(at)
Kelsi Singer, 303-226-5910 or ksinger(at)

To be added to the SwRI Boulder Colloquia email list, please contact Simon Porter at porter(at)

Tue Sep 4, 201811:00 am Chris Reinhard Georgia Tech TBD Early Earth Biosignatures
Tue Sep 11, 201811:00 am Myriam Telus UC Santa Cruz Carbonates in meteorites: Implications for fluid alteration of early planetesimals
Tue Sep 25, 201811:00 am Hold by Kelsi for Possible Speaker
Tue Oct 2, 201811:00 am Michael Kelley University of Maryland TBD
Tue Oct 9, 201811:00 am Carolyn Crow Univeristy of Colorado TBD
Tue Oct 30, 201811:00 am Jonathan Lunine Cornell University Titan after Cassini
Thu Nov 1, 201811:00 am André Izidoro São Paulo State University Exoplanet/Exobio TBD