Discovery of Companions to Asteroids 762 Pulcova and 90 Antiope

Press Page for Press Release

for Thursday, October 26, 2000 to be presented at the Pasadena DPS meeting press conference, Oct 26, 10:30am-12:00noon PDT

Any material, text, figures, or movies are embargoed until the end of the press conference, 3:00 PM EDT Oct 26.

Materials may be downloaded before that time, but may not be distributed or released.


Fig 1: Raw Keck image of 90 Antiope with satellite
Fig 2: 216 Kleopatra as a single body
Fig 3: 762 Pulcova with satellite
Fig 4 (above): 90 Antiope with satellite
Fig 5 (right): Comparison of 216 Kleopatra and 90 Antiope
Fig 6: 9 images of 90 Antiope through rotation

Important Notes About Movies

Please note: That movie 1, although interesting, IS NOT the newly discovered double. It is showing the performance of our technique on a known asteroid, that looks like it is close to being a double, but actually is connected.

Movie 1. This is a movie of the rotation of asteroid 216 Kleopatra in Nov 1999, when radar data were also beign acquired, that showed the weird 'dog-bone' shape of this asteroid. These data are from CFHT. The asteroid rotates once every about 5 hours.

Movie 2. Newly discovered main-belt double asteroid 90 Antiope as it rotates completely every 16.5 hours.

Abstract of Meeting Science Presentation

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