Saturday, October 10, 2015, 2 pm and on, at the APL Picnic Area A again (directions below).

Dear all - You are invited to the 11th annual BratfEast on Saturday October 10th. Hope you can make it again and please feel free to invite others.

This year, we continue in a Saturday afternoon/evening time slot and our location just off Sanner Rd on the APL campus. So come and enjoy a lovely Saturday with us! ...

What is BratfEast? At the University of Arizona in the planetary sciences department, Bratfest is a party involving bratwurst, beer, corn, and cheesecake and has become a tradition ( and Since quite a few of us have Arizona planetary science ties, we've decided to continue this tradition in our own way. So we hope you can join us to celebrate BratfEast XI!

What: BratfEast XI

When: Saturday 10 October, 2 pm and on...

Where: APL Picnic Area A The picnic area is off of Sanner Road, which is the western edge of the main APL campus. Take the Cedar Lane/Sanner Road exit from route 32 (Sanner Rd. goes south, Cedar Lane north), or turn north on Sanner road off of Johns Hopkins Rd.

Who: You! And your family! And anyone else! And feel free to pass this email on. Everyone is invited!

Details: We'll have bratwurst (and hotdogs and other sausages), beer (a keg, likely of Sam Adams, so no need to bring more beer), corn, multiple types of cheesecakes, and some sodas. If you'd like to bring a side dish to share, that would be great. If not, then don't. Just show up and have some fun!

BratfEast Gear:

(last year's model - 2015 version still TBD)


ones from past years, can be found at

Thanks to Andy, with contributions from others as well, for getting these available (Note, these are not to support party costs - rather they are just because they are cool!)

-The BratfEast High Command