The best way to reach Poznan is by air. There are several connections every day from many big Euroean airports: Franfurt, Munich (am Main), Warsaw, and others.

The meeting activities now being fully defined, we encourage you to make your air reservations.

You are encouraged to spend some time after the meeting in Poznan or wider Poland.
This note from Al Harris, regarding Poznan/Poland:
I do recommend the area, just for general touristic interest. Far more, though, I would recommend places like Warsaw or (best of all) Krakow. No craters, but first-class touristic destinations, not to be missed. Once you get to Poland, enjoy it.

From Bill Merline, regarding travel to Poznan:
Airfares between European cities often seem to be about US$ 150-250, so it may pay to check airfares from the US to some other European cities and then buy a separate ticket to Poznan. For example, there are often cheap fares to one or two European cities, while it is much more expensive to others. Try, in addition to the above, Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, or others.

From Lance Benner, regarding flights from US to Poznan:
Also, for people willing to transfer among airports, I found that Ryanair flies from London/Stansted directly to Poznan. Thus, one could fly from any US airports to London/Heathrow, transfer to Stansted, and get to Poznan in only two hops.

From Agnieszka Kryszczynska, commenting on use of Ryanair from London:
Ryanair is a cheap airline (also see Wizz Air), but sometimes they change hours of departure. If you don't care about time or you are not afraid of missing the next flight, it is OK. But I never fly with such airlines to or from the America(s).


Cars can be rented at the Poznan airport for the ~40 km drive to the hotel.

**** WARNING FOR ANYONE DRIVING: The limit for alcohol in blood is only 0.2 promile (0.02%), so in fact one beer is too much. The best idea is to not to drive after any amount of alcohol. ****

  1. Shuttle from Poznan airport to hotel
  2. Driving from Poznan Airport ** NEW ** - UPDATED July 5 for construction near airport
  3. Driving from Warsaw Airport
  4. Driving from Berlin Airport

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