Abstracts (posted 27jul2010):

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General Workshop Overview:

Monday July 12   Opening reception, from approx 20:00-24:00,
       substantial food and drink included:
         ** Reception Information **

Tues July 13  all day sessions
       19:30  Banquet :  Restaurant at Hardt Palace

Wed July 14   morning: sessions only

Wed July 14   afternoon/evening:  field trip to
       Poznan - possible sites include impact
       craters, World War II sites of interest,
       and other sites of historical interest;

       details of the Poznan group dinner:
        Group Dinner, Old Town, Brovaria 

Thurs July 15   all day sessions

-------------------- end of meeting -----------------

Fri-Sun  July 16-18  possible expedition to
       Ries/Steinheim.  UPDATE:  This expedition will
       not be a part of the formal meeting.  We may still
       have a few individuals that will make this trip
       informally on their own.

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