Dinner in Old Town for Poznan Tour Wed, July 14 2010

This will be held at Brovaria restaurant and mini-brewery.

There will be a choice from among 2 soups and three main courses.

Cost with 2 big beers (0.5 l each) or 2 glases (100 ml each) of wine is 120 pln or 30 Euro or 40 USD.

This will be pre-paid by Agnieszka and there will only be one receipt (they would not do separate bills). Agnieszka will collect from participants before the tour, exchange into PLN, and pay the restaurant.

Extra beer or wine can be paid only in PLN in cash or by credit card (but probably only for a minimum purchase of two drinks). Price for one beer or glass of wine is 9 PLN.

They organize a lot of meetings and they have such rules.