Field Trips - Nordlinger Ries

We will possibly be visiting the German crater complex Ries/Steinheim (image), which is thought to have resulted from impact of a binary asteroid some 15 MY ago. This would span about 3 days, after the meeting.

We originally intended that an expert (Dan Durda) would lead this expedition, but Dan may not be available. It is possible they have some standard tours, but they may be suited more for the general public than for scientists. For example, see geopark tour

So we are trying to judge the level of interest and whether it is worthwhile to try to find another expert to guide us.

The site is about 800 km and 8 hr drive from Poznan. We would likely rent enough cars to make the trip from Poznan. Alternatively, one could fly to Munich after the meeting and drive from there (~ 150 km and 2 hr). The train is another possibility: Train Info

For those who drove to the K/T boundary site from Steamboat Springs after Binaries I, the drive from Poznan to Ries/Steinheim is about twice as far.


UPDATE 2/26: Our poll shows that there is not enough interest in the German crater trip due to the distance and extra time involved. So we have decided not to make this part of the formal activities. We'll still have the field trip to local craters on Wednesday of the meeting.

Therefore, the meeting activities will be complete at end-of-day Thursday July 15.

There may still be a small band of people interested in traveling to the binary-crater site, but we'll not make it an organized meeting effort. No promises. But plan your air tickets accordingly.

Last update: Feb 20, 2010
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